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What is Esports and How WE88 Become the Best Esports Casino Malaysia

eSports are video games in forms of competition. It is often in the form of multiplayer video game competitions between individuals or as a team. eSports has gained its popularity throughout the years where the participation is by professional gamers and the competitions are conducted through live streaming. One of the most popular games – Dota2 organizes a tournament every year - The International and you will be surprised by how much audiences and betting the games can receive. Millions and millions!
Esports is not only leisure entertainment anymore. Professional Esports players can even make millions of dollars by competing in all kinds of esport tournaments where their performances are being live streaming on TV, Youtube, Twitch etc.
Esports betting is now inseparable from online casinos, especially for online betting in Malaysia .

Popular Esports Games & Esports Tournaments You can Find in WE88 Malaysia Online Betting

Popular esports games such as Dota 2, League of Legends, Counter-Strike, Call of Duty, PUBG and many others have been the giant players in the market which has a large number of players and audience bases. The esports tournaments such as Dota 2’s The International and League of Legends World Championship provide live broadcasts throughout the competitions and attractive prize money up to millions of USD. In the recent Dota2’s The International 2019, the grand champion team has won prize money of USD 15 million.

Bet on Dota2

Dota2 Esports is one of the best paid among esports with a total prize pool of 34 million USD on The International 2019 Tournaments. It has been in the market for years and still engaging a lot of new players. Dota2 is a teamwork esports game where players have to play in 5-person teams. There are more than 100 different characters that each of them can make the game completely different. The huge amount of Dota items available is also one of the reasons why Dota2 is able to retain its players.

WE88: Best Esports Betting Platform for Mobile

When eSports tournaments first being organized, they were mostly held by third parties, not the game publishers. These organizations then managed to create a business model where they built business around eSports events. Mobile esports are deemed to have a large opportunity to grow with the smartphone penetration rate that is increasing over the years. It even gained more popularity in young players, as compared to other online betting games such as 4D lottery betting or game slots online.
At WE88 esport betting platform, you can pick your esports team and bet. We have esports games for betting such as LOL (League of Legends), CS:GO online (Counter Strike), Warcraft, etc. You can always check the esports live score of different esports events, tournaments and competitions that are held. Support your favorite esports games and esports team now!

How to Bet at WE88 Online Casino

It is very simple and easy for players to start their online betting journey at WE88. Firstly, register with your details. We secure your personal information with double security measures. Your information is safe with us.
After registering, you can go to the deposit page, choose your preference payment method and start depositing. In the meanwhile, you can choose if you want to claim the 100% Welcome Bonus during deposit.
Money will be credited into your account and you can then start to choose the games you like to play. Other than esports betting, we also have live casino games sports betting, Dota2 esports betting, 4D betting, fish shooting games 2023 and Malaysia slots online